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Looking for a durable, long-lasting wagon? These Hand-made wagons are built to handle up to 1100 pounds. Because the wagon bed is built of solid wood and has a generous coat of waterproof sealant, it will not rust or rot. The gear and frame is made of solid steel and designed with “no-tip” steering. All wagons come with pneumatic tires which allow your
child to pull the wagon with ease. For your convenience the side rails are easily removable. This wagon will give you years and years of service. Great for kids, grandkids, the serious gardener or leisure family outings such as, going to the beach, amusement parks or taking a walk in your neighborhood.

128 #128
Style #128 is slightly wider but shorter than #280. This wagon has 9” tires and is available in three colors, Red, John Deere Green, or Blue.
Bed size: 18 3/8" x 33"
9" Air Tire Wheels
Load Capacity: 700 lbs


280 Wagon

Our smallest wagon is compact, lightweight and very maneuverable. Is great for small children and will fit in almost any trunk.
Bed size: 16" x 36"
8" Air Tire Wheels
Load capacity: 500 lbs.



310 Wagon #310
This medium size wagon is perfect for a growing family. Big enough to hold your stuff, yet small enough to around corners and tight places.
Also Available in Red
Bed size: 18" x 36"
10" Air Tire Wheels
Load Capacity: 800 lbs


350 Wagon #350
Multiple use wagon. Great for gardening, farm & ranch use. Our Double or single wood seats can be used with this wagon.
Bed size: 20 3/8" x 40"
10" Air Tire Wheels
Load Capacity: 850 lbs  


1300 Wagon #1300
We call this the farm wagon. It has the same style wheels as a wheel barrow. The hand brake is standard. The trailer hitch is a great option and allows you to hitch it up to your ATV or yard tractor.
Bed size: 24" x 48"
13" Air Tire Wheels
Load Capacity: 900 lbs 


6000 Wagon #6000
This wagon is designed with a shorter bed which allows you to place it inside the trunk of a full size car or SUV. Because of the wide tires, it is a great wagon to take to the beach. The height from the bottom of the tire to the top of the wagon bed is 16 ½“.
Bed size: 24" x 40"
13” x 6 ½” x 6” Air Tire Wheels
Load Capacity: 1100 lbs


6500 Wagon #6500
Our best selling wagon is great for all-terrain purposes. It’s wide flotation tires make it ideal to take to the beach. Our single or double wooden seats fit the wagon bed. Options include both styles of seats, hand brake, or tractor hitch. Your family will never grow out of this rugged, durable wagon.
Bed size: 24" x 48"
13” x 6 ½” x 6” Air Tire Wheels
Load Capacity: 1100 lbs  


600 Wagon #600
Same gear as our #6500. Steel bed is heavy duty and is great for light commercial purposes on the farm or job.
Bed size: 30 ½” x 52 ¼
13” x 6 ½” x 6 Air tires</>
Load Capacity: 1100 lbs.


860 Wagon #860
This is the big wagon! Heads will turn as you pull this tandem wagon down the sidewalk or at the flea market. Tandem axles pivot to give a smoother ride.
Bed size: 24 3/8" x 48"
13” x 6 ½” x 6” Air Tire Wheels
Load Capacity: 1100 lbs





Ice Chest Rack
Ice Chest Rack
Great addition for styles #350 and up. Easily hooks onto the back of wagon. Inside measurements of rack are 15” x 24 ½”.


Wagon Cushion
Folds into a seat or spreads out to cover the whole wagon bed to serve as a cushion.
Available in all styles and three colors
(Red, Green and Blue).

350 And Under
Over 350
Tractor hitch
Converts handle to hitch type hookup to pull with your lawn tractor or ATV.

* Does not include Alaska and Hawaii.

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