Master Guide to the Backyard Greenhouse

Everything You'll Need to Know About Your Backyard Greenhouse

Master greenhouse guide

There’s a ton of information out there on greenhouse gardening and quite frankly, it’s overwhelming. It should be easy to find information on best greenhouse techniques or DIY greenhouses. Not like pulling teeth.

That’s why we created this master guide to greenhouse gardening. We’ve organized what we think are some of the best resources on greenhouses. We hope that you find this helpful.

Each category will be sorted with the most helpful articles we found at the top.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Greenhouse Site Selection
  3. Temperature
  4. Humidity
  5. Soil Quality
  6. Seasonal Growing
  7. Greenhouse Tools & Gadgets
  8. Greenhouse Supplies
  9. Common Mistakes
  10. Greenhouse DIY
  11. Creative Ideas

Beginner’s Guide

1. Essential Greenhouse Guide (

This article is probably the best beginner’s guide to greenhouse gardening on the internet. It includes topics such as choosing a greenhouse, site selection, ventilation, cleaning, heating, and the essential starting kit.

2. Greenhouse Growing for Beginners (

A unique beginner’s to greenhouse gardening. This article talks about heating, lighting, pollination, watering, cooling, and winter vegetables.

3. Greenhouse Growing 101 (

A helpful guide to starting a greenhouse. This author discusses how to sterilize soil and containers. She also gives tips on how to improve humidity and ventilation.


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4. Tips for Owning a Hobby Greenhouse (

Some general advice on owning a greenhouse. These tips are great for beginners and experienced greenhouse growers.

5. How to Use a Greenhouse (

For those who are complete beginners to the world of greenhouse gardening, this article discusses heating and ventilation, humidity, shade cloths, and even seasonal growing tips.

6. Gardening in A Greenhouse for Beginners (

This father shares some of the things he has learned in greenhouse gardening. Discusses temperature, pest prevention, and plant spacing. Also gives a list of some of the best greenhouse plants to grow.


Greenhouse Site Selection

1. Siting a Greenhouse (

A good guide for backyard greenhouse site selection. Discusses light, convenience, level ground, orientation, easy access, and soil.

2. Where To Position Your Greenhouse (

A nicely put together article with helpful tips on positioning a greenhouse. Some of its unique considerations are use of trees, accessibility, and child safety.

3. 12 Tips On Choosing The Best Greenhouse Site (

While this article is written for commercial greenhouse owners, it gives good tips for any greenhouse site selection. Its unique points are the effects of elevation, water, and microclimate in site selection.

Greenhouse with garden


1. Methods to Decrease the Temperature in a Greenhouse (

If you’re looking for good ways to keep your greenhouse from overheating during the hot summer months, this article provides 4 cheap and easy methods.

2. Planning a Greenhouse: Structures and Heating (

This article looks at some of the best methods for heating and cooling. Some of these ideas are fairly involved but they are definitely worth your time.

3. 6 Tools for the Perfect Greenhouse Temperature (

A list of six must-haves for greenhouse temperature control.

4. Top 7 Mistakes Teachers Make With Greenhouse Temperature Controls (

An Ag teacher’s thoughts on greenhouse temperature control based on some of his personal experiences.


1. Managing Humidity in the Greenhouse (

The best article we found on greenhouse humidity. It gives a fairly in-depth look at some of the best humidity control methods. This article is also available in PDF.

2. Reducing Humidity in the Greenhouse (

This article is somewhat technical, but it provides some helpful advice on humidity and its relationship to temperature.

3. How to Control Humidity in a Greenhouse (

An easy to understand article on greenhouse humidity and ways for dealing with it.

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Soil Quality

1. Building Healthy Soil (

This is an amazing article on building healthy soil. It gives a comprehensive look at the ingredients of healthy soil. It also provides some methods for dealing with poor soil structure.

2. Preparing Garden Soil (

This is one of the best articles I found on soil health. It discusses almost everything you will need to know about making good soil as well as ways to deal with deficiencies.

3. The Dirt On Soil: Common Ingredients In Greenhouse Mediums (

If you’re interested in making your own greenhouse soil, this article gives some of the best ingredients. Sneak peak…it includes compost, peat moss, sand, and more.

4. How to Get Your Garden Off To the Best Possible Start With a Soil Test (

This article shows you step-by-step how to get your soil tested through a local extension office. It also gives some tips for creating healthier soil.


Seasonal Growing

1. Grower’s Guide: What to Grow in a Greenhouse All Year Long (

A helpful guide to growing year-round. Discusses what plants will do best during different times of year.

2. Top Ten Tips for Heating a Greenhouse Over Winter (

Some cheap and practical ways to keep your greenhouse warm during the winter.

3. Keep Your Greenhouse Cool In Summer (

During the summer, it’s important to keep your greenhouse at a consistent temperature. This article discusses some of the best ways to keep your greenhouse cool during the summer.

4. 4 Ways To Use A Greenhouse In The Summer (

This article gives some cool ideas for greenhouse uses beyond gardening, during the summer.

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Greenhouse Tools & Gadgets

1. Top 10 Greenhouse Accessories (

Ten practical accessories and gadgets you’ll want for running a greenhouse.

2. A Guide to Greenhouse Features and Gadgets (

A list of some of the most helpful technology you’ll need to run your greenhouse.


Greenhouse Supplies

1. 10 things to include in your greenhouse (

You wouldn’t expect Fox News to make the list but here they are. This article lists pretty much all the basics necessary to start a greenhouse. Surprisingly helpful and very practical.

2. Essential kit for your greenhouse (

This article is worth checking out for those who are looking to make their greenhouse more practical and efficient.

Portable greenhouse care

Common Mistakes

1. Top 10 Greenhouse Gardening Mistakes (

List of top ten common greenhouse gardening mistakes. The last half of these are especially helpful.

2. Avoid the Most Common Mistakes With These Tips (

This article gives advice on how to avoid rookie mistakes in greenhouse gardening.


Greenhouse DIY

1. 125 Free DIY Greenhouse Plans to Help You Build One in Your Garden This Weekend (

Over 100 different plans for DIY greenhouses with links to plans for every single one. If you want to build your own greenhouse, you’re guaranteed to find something here.


This article gives some really creative ideas for building your own greenhouse. Super cool stuff!

3. 18 Awesome DIY Greenhouse Projects (

We love this article because it has some of the most beautiful DIY greenhouses. These are a must-see.

4. How To Build A Greenhouse In The Backyard (

This article gives a great step-by-step example of how to build the foundation for a backyard DIY greenhouse.


Creative Ideas

1. 10 Great Greenhouse Ideas (

This article gives some really cool ideas for making your greenhouse even more awesome. You HAVE to check these out!

2. 40 Ways to Maximize a Small Garden (

These ideas are intended for small gardens but they work perfect for beautifying a greenhouse as well.

3. 31 DIY Garden Ornaments Projects To Beautify Your Garden (

Check out this awesome list of garden ornaments. They’re guaranteed to take your greenhouse to the next level.