The Cutest Playhouse in Texas

Playhouse kitchen set

I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of playhouses but I’m guessing you’ve never seen one that is this cool. This is the stuff of dreams… Well at least kid’s dreams.

When I saw this, my first thought was, “Why didn’t I have a playhouse when I was a kid?” Then I remembered that I did. My playhouse was just too ashamed to be remembered in the presence of something so awesome.

But enough of my drama. You’re probably wondering how such a cute playhouse came into existence.


The idea was first born in the minds of Travis and Becca Paro. Travis is an estimator for a general contracting company and Becca owns her own graphic design business called Jumping Jax Designs. They have three children and dog and live in the great state of Texas.

Travis and Becca wanted to build the playhouse for their daughter. After giving it some thought, they decided that it would be too big a project to do the construction of the playhouse themselves. And so began their search for the perfect playhouse.

They found many places willing to build a playhouse for them but none of them were quite what they were looking for. Their idea was to model the playhouse after their house as much as possible. They also really wanted it to have a loft. Finally, they found Lone Star Structures.



Lone Star’s playhouses had exactly the colors Becca and Travis wanted and also included that much desired loft. Another issue they had with other playhouses was that they were too small. Lone Star took care of this problem for them by doing a little bit of customization.

During the construction, they added an extra foot to the top of the playhouse. This allowed even an adult to stand upright and move around comfortably inside.

Decorating playhouse


The construction of the playhouse was complete but there was still more work to be done. With Becca’s design skills and internet resources (like Pinterest) providing an endless abundance of ideas, they went to work on the playhouse décor.

While Becca mainly took the lead in the decorating process, Travis, who happens to be great with his hands, was able to add some extra features to the playhouse. These included building a step up to the porch, putting vinyl trellis along the bottom, and staining the porch.

They also added some decorative features to the outside of the playhouse. A mailbox, a bench, and hanging plants all added to the feel that this was a miniature version of the Paro home. Another cool thing they included was a rooster weather vane. According to Becca, there was some discussion as to whether this was a necessary addition but they finally agreed to get it.

Before the playhouse was even finished, Becca had already been working on inside decorations and furnishings. She was able to get a lot of things like the kitchen set, recliner chair, and art table from IKEA. A few things, like the kitchen table and hook rack, she found at thrift stores. Becca’s mom even helped out by making the curtains.

Kids wooden playhouse

Even with all the items collected, Becca still had to modify some of furniture to fit with the theme. She spray-painted the kitchen table and hook rack. She also found contact paper that matched her house’s countertop to put on the countertop of the kitchen set.

Even though it looked great, Travis and Becca still had a few more things they wanted to add. They realized that during the summer, the playhouse would get really warm and during the winter, it would get really cold. To counteract this, Travis wired the up playhouse and installed lights, an air conditioner, and a space heater.


When the playhouse was finished, it was a big hit. All of their kids loved it (not much surprise there). Even now, months later, they can still be found playing in it almost every day (And you know how hard it is to keep kids interested for even a minute. I call that a winner).

Others loved it too. Even random strangers. Becca said that before they had a fence around their yard, people driving by would often slow down to comment on the playhouse.

Even with the regular decorating done, Becca just couldn’t stay away from the playhouse. She made matching decorations for their house and the playhouse for Thanksgiving and Christmas. This past Easter though, her daughter did the playhouse decorating.


With the playhouse behind them, Travis and Becca have set their sights on the next new project. Sometime in the near future, they hope to get Lone Star to build them a backyard chicken coup.

As I mentioned in the beginning, Becca is a graphic designer. I was looking at some of the stuff she does and it’s really cool! You should definitely check it out. She has a website, several different Instagram accounts, and also a Pinterest account. Links to all of those below.

Website: Jumping Jax Designs
Jumping Jax Designs Insta: @jumpingjaxdesigns
Home Décor Insta: @shakerandstone
Pinterest: Becca Paro

If you’re interested in buying a Lone Star playhouse, visit our playhouses page or contact us.



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