Commercial Dog Kennels

Superior Housing For Multiple Dogs

Our custom commercial dog kennels are designed for customers who need superior housing for more than two dogs.  These commercial models are ideal for dog lovers, dog breeders, and other specialized needs like doggy daycares and pet vacation facilities.  We have the ability to uniquely customize our buildings according to both your individual needs and the needs of your furry friends!  Our commercial dog kennels come with the assurance of durable residential building style construction.

We have experience in various commercial setups and are ready to consult with you concerning your unique needs! Every dog breed and every localized climate is different, so whether your dogs need protection from the heat or cold… or both, we will be able to finish your dog kennel according to specification.

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Features and Customizations For Commercial Outdoor Dog Kennels

Residential Style Construction

The roof structure of our outside dog kennels uses standard residential framing techniques with rafters spaced 16″ on center.

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We use 50 year 5/8″ tongue and groove Advantech flooring. Advantech is an engineered product Ideal for use in outdoor dog kennels because it is not moisture absorbent and will not delaminate.  The interlocking tongue and groove flooring also enhances protection from insect and moisture damage.

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Finishing and Insulation

We can finish the walls according to your needs.  These vinyl walls are water proof and allows for simple and easy sanitation.

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Similarly, the floors are easy to clean and sanitize for those occasional, but unavoidable messes, as well as keeping a regular sanitation schedule.

Commercial dog kennel with floor for sale in texas

Temperature Control

Every climate and breed of dog is different.  We can pre-install whatever kind temperature control unit that you will need, whether air conditioning, a heater, or a simple fan.

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