Poly Furniture

Environmentally-Friendly Patio Furniture

Poly patio furniture adirondack chairs

Poly furniture is fast becoming the popular choice for outdoor furniture. And for good reason. Made from recycled materials, this environmentally-friendly patio furniture will hold its color for decade with very minimal fading. And it is tough! There is no need to bring it inside for the winter or to hide it from the summer heat.

Unlike wooden outdoor furniture, poly furniture won’t rot, split, or crack. Also, if insects try to mess with this stuff they do not stand a chance.

Maintenance is easy with poly furniture. An occasional washing with a mild detergent and a rinsing are all you need to do. Since the color runs throughout the material, knicks and scratches never need to be touched up. In fact, you’ll hardly notice them.

Poly Outdoor Furniture is the present and future of classy and quality patio furniture.