New! The Ranch Door

A Shed Feature That Is Both a Door and a Ramp

Ranch door

The Ranch Door is a new type of door available for select sheds. It is ideal if you plan on storing lawn or farm equipment in your shed. The Ranch Door doubles as both a door and a shed ramp allowing you to easily move equipment such as a lawn mower in and out. We use heavy duty steel tubing build the door structure that we then attach wood to give it a usable surface. This design allows us rate the door up to 5,000 lbs depending on their size. The Ranch Door has a spring assist to make opening and closing a breeze. For more information about the Ranch Door, contact us or see our Ranch Door features below.

Compatible with:

  • Dutch Barns
  • Workshop Sheds
  • Classic Sheds
  • Cabins
  • Garages

Park lawn mowers, tractors, UTVs, and even cars easily with a strong, Texas-made Ranch Door.

Ranch Door Features

ranch door features

A Few Compatible Sheds:

Dutch barn ranch door

Dutch Barn

Dutch Barns are the ideal storage shed and our most popular style. They have plenty of space to store old clothes, last year’s Christmas tree, or old furniture. They can also be used to store your lawn equipment. Just add a Ranch Door for easy access.

Workshop shed ranch door

Workshop Sheds

Workshop Sheds make great tool sheds, garden sheds, and she sheds but they can also be used to store small equipment. Protect your mowers, UTVs, and vehicles easily by simply adding a Ranch Door to your Workshop Shed.

Classic shed ranch door

Classic Sheds

The Classic Shed is a beautiful shed that looks great in any yard. Use it for normal backyard storage or add a Ranch Door to make it easily accessible for your lawn or farm equipment. Protect your belongings with a Texas-made Classic Shed.