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Terms And Conditions

  • The buyer is responsible for site preparation and ensuring that there is adequate access to deliver or install the building. This includes removing low-hanging limbs, wires etc., verifying width and height clearance, marking septic lines, sprinklers, etc., and clearing landscaping, yard ornaments and other ground obstacles that will impede access.
  • We require access spaces to be a minimum of 2 feet wider than the width of the building and 14’ height clearance. (i.e., 12′ wide access for 10′ wide building).
  • Fence removal is the responsibility of the customer.
  • If excessive time is spent on the job site or an additional trip must be made to complete the delivery, the buyer agrees to pay the assessed fee.
  • Standard leveling package includes blocks for up to 6 inches of ground slope. Buyer agrees to pay an assessed fee for higher than standard blocking. The buyer understands that Lone Star Structures, LLC is not responsible for out-of-level buildings due to ground shifting and settling.
  • The buyer understands that Lone Star Structures, LLC is not responsible for damage caused to building or property due to low hanging limbs, wires, etc., damage caused to property including but not limited to ruts due to wet ground, lawn damage due to fresh sod, and damage to unmarked underground utilities.
  • The buyer is responsible to check with HOA and/or city to verify and adhere to local codes and purchase any necessary permits. Lone Star Structures, LLC is not responsible for costs or penalties incurred due to code violation and/or noncompliance. If the city requires anchors, hurricane ties, special blocking, etc., the customer agrees to pay the assessed fee.
  • This is a non-coded building.
  • Order cancellations will be subject to a 5% restocking fee.
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Lone Star Structures is family owned and we started building top-notch storage sheds more than 25 years ago! Old-fashioned values of honesty, integrity, and good work ethic are a part of our tradition and our goal is to honor Christ as we interact with our neighbors and community. Our hard-working family and employees are ready to help your dream backyard become a reality. We stand by ready to help you!

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