Advantages of Prefab Garages

Are you looking for more room to store your stuff? Maybe you’re thinking of buying a new car or an old one that you would like to restore.

It sounds like you need a garage. But who has the time or money to invest in getting a garage built? If this describes you, then you are a perfect candidate for a prefab garage.

A prefab garage is a super convenient way to add storage space for your valuables (like that car you wanted to buy). With a roll-up garage door, you can easily store your ATVs, lawn mower, small boats, and any other large equipment you have. If you need something other than simple storage space, they can also be used for custom spaces like workshops, hobby spaces, wood working shop, man caves, and even garden sheds or she sheds.

Prefab garages come in many shapes, styles and sizes and are a great way for you to get more storage space and/or another parking place without the hassle or cost of building an addition onto your home. Because of the wooden framework (assuming you buy a quality one), they are very easy to get organized. You can easily build shelves or workbenches and put hooks exactly where you need them the most. Some prefab garages also come with a small upper loft that would provide you with even more space for storage.

One of the great things about prefab garages is the variety of sizes they come in. If you are needing a small garage space, maybe a 12×16 building will do. But you can also go as large as a 16×48 garage. That is a lot of space! Imagine not having to worry about where you will put the stuff that you buy. The list is almost endless with all the possibilities of this type of garage. You can also get them to match the colors of your existing house or garage so that they blend well into your property.

What are some pros and cons of traditional garages vs prefab garages?

One of the main advantages of a prefab garage is the time factor. It takes much longer to prepare and build a traditional garage than a prefab garage.  Why wait for eight weeks to have a garage built when you can get a garage delivered to your house within one week.

Also, all the costs that go into the foundation and building materials of a traditional garage. And now you have to pay someone to do the work.

And if that’s not enough, you can take this shed along when you move to a different location. These are just a few advantages of the prefab garage.

Customization Ideas for Your Prefab Garage

Storage space is not the only thing that prefab garages can be used for. There are many different ways you can customize your shed into the perfect workspace for you. Here are some simple ways that you can turn your prefab garage into your very own personalized work space.

Man Cave

This Man Cave is a great way you can design your prefab garage. And now you can have your friends over to watch the game.

Woodworking Shop

This Woodworking Shop is another great way to customize your very own prefab garage. Now you have the woodworking shop you always wanted.

Workshop Space

This workshop shed is a great example of a way that you can turn your prefab garage into a custom work space. Read more about portable garages in this Garage Shed blog.


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