At Lone Star Structures, we pride ourselves in building quality and durable structures. Our portable cabins are built with meticulous detail to give you the cabin that you need. Not only do we have cabin shells(cabins that are not finished), but we also offer finished cabins that have the entire interior completed with a bathroom, kitchen, and other features, depending on your choice! Check out both below!

Finished Cabins In Texas

Are you looking for a cabin that has a finished interior? Our finished cabins are the perfect mini house for numerous occasions. We install several features in these buildings to make them into a livable space. From kitchens to bathrooms, these finished cabins have it all. They are excellent for a number of purposes, including guest quarters, vacation spots, and extra living space! Check out the different models we make below or submit a no-obligation free quote to find out what it would cost you to have your own!

Finished Cabin Styles in Texas

portable cabin with finished intereior near austin tx

The Texas Tiny

This beautiful portable cabin has a modern yet classic western look that will fit in almost any Texas landscape.  This is the perfect efficient little tiny home. 

modern portable cabin with finished interior near college station texas

The Modern

The modern portable cabin is similar to the Texas Tiny, but features the addition of a front porch.  Front porches are perfect for enjoying the view, or a bit of weather protection when entering your cabin. 

outpost portable cabin for sale near austin texas

The Outpost

The Outpost is a very efficient design and is great for a home office, rec room or hunting cabin. The side porch gives the benefit of weather protection and gives the Outpost an inviting vibe. 

The Mesquite

Need to maximize your inside space but can’t do without the porch? The Mesquite features a spacious 6’x8’ porch in addition to the building footprint. The model is great for a getaway cabin or guest quarters.

The Rancher

As the name suggests, this model hearkens to the feel of a small ranch house. Consider this model if you are looking for a basic portable cabin with tons of interior space. It’s clean, it’s simple, it’s customizable and great for making lasting memories.

portable cabin with a front porch for sale in texas

The Homestead

This portable cabin features a simple A-frame design with a front porch. This homey cabin is perfect as a hunting cabin, campground cabin, or for that perfect lakehouse vacation spot.

Unfinished Prefab Cabin Shells In Texas

We also offer prefab cabin shells that are not finished inside. These can be used for a stylish storage building, a place to relax in the woods, or finished out to become extra living space! Our cabin shells are well-designed and built so that they will last a long time. At Lone Star Structures, we value quality products, and we build our structures to fit the quality that Texans like! Check out our Unfinished Cabin Shells to find the one that you like!

Unfinished Cabin Styles in Texas

portable cabins for sale in austin texas

Corner Porch Cabin

This portable cabin style is great if you really like the look of a porch, but really need to maximize interior space.  While the porch is not large enough to relax on, it does provide you with an ample entry way that is protected from the elements.

14x32 finished portable cabins for sale in temple texas

Front Porch Cabin

Building a retreat cabin or hunting cabin doesn’t have to be as daunting as you think! At Lone Star Structures we have a strong tradition of building high-quality cabin sheds. Our Cabins are a great way to make your dreams come to life. Whether it’s adding some comfort to your deer lease, an addition to your campground, or extra space for guests or mother-in-law quarters, these versatile cabins are a great choice! And because it’s portable, it can be moved in the future

14x20 studio cabin tiny home for sale

Studio Cabin

Everyone has different tastes and the Studio Cabin appeals to the urban modern feel. The 6’ porch gives ample room and creates an inviting place to relax. Transom windows provide plenty of natural light and the loft gives useful overhead space.

portable cabins for sale in waco texas

Side Porch Cabin

If you want plenty of space outside to enjoy those long summer evenings, then the cabin with the side porch is for you! This cabin style evokes the traditional farmhouse or homestead look.  Whether used as a backyard guesthouse or a stylish tiny home, you will love the way this one looks on your property!

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