Why A Prefab Cabin Is An Outstanding Choice

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Looking for a summer hunting cabin, a backyard vacation retreat, or a summer cabin? We offer prefab cabins that can be utilized for virtually anything that you want. Prefab cabins are an economical, practical, and beautiful option that deserves an honest look.  You can save so much much hassle and time by getting a prefab cabin versus the more traditional and expensive “on-site” build option. 


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 A prefabricated or “prefab” cabin is a building that has been planned and built in a factory before being transported to a construction area. The word “prefabricated” refers to a method of construction and design that is similar to what is meant by modular cabin. Although the word “prefabricated” may conjure up images of standard and cookie-cutter construction, there is actually a tremendous amount of customization possible on prefab cabins both inside and out. 


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There are several reasons to think about buying a prefab cabin. Prefab cabins are simple, appealing, and make excellent vacation cottages. Small prefab cabins can also be utilized as an outdoor workplace or studio. A small cabin is your canvas to turn into whatever space that you desire. 

A weekend get-away cabin, compact house, workplace, deer lease cabin, guest quarters, home office, art studio hobby area, budget-friendly tiny house are all excellent uses for the prefab cabin. 


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Ahh… the allure of a secluded restful night’s sleep, free of intrusions and located in a beautiful natural setting far away from the hustle and noise of cities and highways.  Clearly, getting your very own cabin is the best way to achieve this… but why get a a “prefab”.  cabin?  

Prefab cabins offer several unique benefits compared to traditional stick built cabins:

1. Short lead times

Because prefab cabins are built in a large shop, they can be produced so much quicker than the stick built method.

2. Prefab cabins are portable

If you are unsure about where you want to build your cabin, a prefab cabin is an outstanding choice because it is movable by design.  If you are leasing land or simply are unsure of the what positioning you want for your cabin on your land, there is a huge peace of mind that comes from knowing that you can move your cabin if the need ever arises. You can read our blog for more information on the benefits of portable storage buildings.

3. Prefab cabins do not require an expensive foundation

Although you can build portable cabins on top of a traditional concrete foundation, you may also opt for a more simple gravel shed style foundation. Simpler foundation, means that installation is potentially quicker and cheaper than other methods available.

4. Prefab cabins are an economical choice

The first 3 advantages of a prefab cabin that we have listed here all add up to a cabin that is simply going to be more affordable than traditional stick built options. Pre-building the cabin in the shop means that there is much less waste when it comes to time and material.


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Your cabin is a long-term investment, as such you should treat it that way when you are considering purchasing one.   You will never regret paying attention to the quality details of the builder you are working with.  20 years after your purchase when that nasty Texas thunderstorm rolls in, you will be glad once again that your cabin is equipped with the best roofing, siding, and framing.

Having said that, here are the general ground rules that should be considered when selecting your builder.

1. Your cabin builder should be local

A prefab cabin is by definition portable and can technically shipped in from far away.  If you have a relationship with the builder that may be a safe bet, but the best choice is working with a small local company that is ready and available to listen to your distinct needs.

2. Your cabin builder should be well established

You want to make sure that your cabin builder has a positive history in the community.  Whether by google or facebook reviews or by a friend or neighbor who has had a good experience with the company, you want to know that you are working with a company that truly cares about its customers.  Your builder should have a personal interest in your success in creating your dream getaway space.

3.  Your builder should be able to customize your cabin

You want the benefits of a prefab cabin… but what you don’t want is a boring cookie cutter cabin.  Your builder should listen to your needs and be able to customize your cabin the way you want it. For example do you just want the shell so that you can finish it yourself? Or do you want a “turn-key” cabin that is completely finished and ready to go?

Also, is your builder willing to work with you to carefully choose your style? Your builder should be a considerate of siding styles, roofing materials and colors that you desire to make sure that your building looks outstanding in your desired landscape.


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At Lone Star Structures we feel like we are qualified based on the above 3 points.  We are a small family business that cares about the community we live in, and are not here to make a quick buck.  We care about your success and would love to be considered as a resource for making your dreams of a high quality and beautiful prefab cabin come true.


When we build a cabin, we start with the following basic models which can be customized in a whole myriad of ways. Here are the basic models that we carry, along with their features.

Cabin with Front Porch

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The pre-made cabin with the front porch has the look of a rustic retreat or hunting home. Because the interior area above the porch creates a natural loft space, the kids can have a small bedroom, or you can build a wonderful reading nook, or simply have extra storage space.

Cabin with Side Porch

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The cabin with the side porch is ideal for people who want lots of space outside to enjoy those long summer evenings! This cabin design is reminiscent of a classic farmhouse or homestead. You’ll enjoy the way this one looks on your land, whether it’s utilized as a backyard guesthouse or a stylish compact home!

Studio Cabin

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This studio cabin model is our most recent addition to our cabin models. This model is loved for its modern, yet classic western storefront look. The single slope roof allows for some the maximum amount of natural lighting, which is a worthy consideration if you are planning to build off grid.

Cabin with Corner Porch

prefab cabin with corner porch in central texas

If you want the look of a porch but need a lot of internal space, this portable cabin type is ideal. While the porch isn’t large enough to sit and relax on, but it does offer you with a large, weather-protected entryway.


Want to finish your cabin yourself?  You want us to do it? You want us to do some of it?  No problem, we will work with you.

We work with a wide range of customers that have a variety of requirements. Don’t get caught with a cabin you don’t like or that is out of your price range. At Lone Star Structures, we’ll listen to you and work hard to customize your cabin to your exact specifications. Is there a section of the project that you want to do yourself, or do you want us to take care of everything for you? Don’t be concerned! We will collaborate with you! We have you covered whether you want a simple shell or a fully furnished turnkey cabin. Because we want you to get the most out of your new cabin, we’ve put together a list of services and items that will allow you to enjoy all of the conveniences of home.

We will work with you to figure out your exact needs and specifications for all of the following:

-Electrical package
-Extra windows
-Upgraded door styles
-Customized porch size or design layout

And much more!

Unfinished Cabin Shell

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If you’re on a tight budget, enjoy doing things yourself, or need a cabin quickly, a prefabricated cabin shell is the way to go! The unfinished cabin shell is designed to residential building codes and will survive for many years. You may be confident that purchasing a cabin shell from Lone Star Structures is a sensible decision!

 Partially Finished Cabin

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This option is perfect for people who wish to undertake part of the work but are apprehensive about some aspects. You’re not a fan of electricity or plumbing? It’s no issue; we’ll take care of it. Insulation work isn’t your cup of tea? That’s not a problem; we’ll take care of that as well. Let us take care of the things you don’t want to do so you can focus on what you like!

Fully Finished Cabin

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Do you want a fully working house right away? We are pleased to take care of everything. Tell us how you want it done, and we’ll handle the rest. There’s no need to obsess over the final touches if you don’t have the time. Many satisfied clients have benefited from our completely completed, fully livable movable cottages.



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