Chicken Tractors

A Portable, Practical Solution for Raising Chickens at Home

Chicken tractors for sale in central texas

Our chicken tractors are an easy and practical way to get started raising your own chickens at home. These are well constructed, secure chicken enclosures that include a run for your chickens to be outside (helping cleanup bugs), and an indoor roost and nesting boxes for them to spend the nights. The nesting boxes have a hinged access door from outside to make it easy to gather eggs. With quality wheels and a handle this chicken tractor can easily be moved around your lawn each day to keep from killing the grass and to provide new areas for your chickens to forage. Dimensions are  4′ wide x 10′ long.  Height is  5’7″.

Chicken Tractor Features Include

  • Access Door
  • Secure Outside Run
  • Indoor Roost
  • Nesting Boxes with Outside Access
  • Ramp with Easy Close Cable
  • Wheels and Handle for Easy Moving
  • Solid wood construction
  • Houses 4-5 Chickens

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