Dog Kennels

Safe and Secure Home for Man's Best Friend

Beautiful wood dog kennel structure

Residential Dog Kennels

Provide shelter and security for your dog in every season with top-quality outdoor dog kennels for sale from Lone Star Structures. Built with the same quality materials as our line of storage sheds, your new dog kennel will provide a safe and comfortable haven for your dog in any weather.

If you need room for more than two dogs check out our commercial dog kennel page.

Dog Kennels Standard Features

  • Chain-link run with door (10′ wide – can be divided into two separate kennels)
  • One 18×27 window with shutters
  • Interior partition
  • 30 year shingles
  • 5′ sidewalls
  • Access man door
  • 5/8″ Advantech® floor sheathing
  • 3/8″ LP SmartSide®

Your choice of paint and shutter colors

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Available Sizes

  • 4 x 8
  • 8 x 10
  • 8 x 12
  • 8 x 16
  • 10 x 12
  • 10 x 14
  • 10 x 16

Siding & Trim Colors

  • Almond
  • Barn red shed paint color texas
    Barn Red
  • Barn White
  • Buckskin 74 t601 wr low luster
  • Charcoal Brown
  • Chestnut brown urethane
    Chestnut Brown – Urethane (not available for onsite build)
  • Clay
  • Dark Gray
  • Driftwood urethane
    Driftwood – Urethane (not available for onsite build)
  • Hunter Green
  • Kaufman gray 74 f606 wr low luster
    Light Gray
  • Martin Creme
  • Nature walk urethane
    NatureWalk – Urethane (not available for onsite build)
  • Navajo White
  • Navy
    Navy Blue
  • Quaker Tan
  • Ronks Gray
  • Sage Green

Shingle Colors

  • Black shingle color
  • Galvalume metal color
    Galvalume Metal
  • Gray blend shingle color
    Grey Blend
  • Rustic cedar shingle color
    Rustic Cedar
  • Weathered wood shingle color
    Weathered Wood

The Dog Kennel is the perfect solution for an all-in-one Dog House.

At Lone Star Structures we pride ourselves in accuracy and will build your building to your specs. Custom ordering allows you to add options and choose your color combination from our wide selection of colors.

Standard Features Include:

  • Chain-link run with door (10′ wide – can be divided into two separate kennels)
  • 1) 18×27 window with shutters
  • Interior partition
  • 30 year shingles
  • 5′ sidewalls, access door
  • 5/8″ Advantech® floor sheathing
  • 3/8″ LP SmartSide®.
  • Construction dog kennels 1
    16″ O.C. Roof Structure, Double Plated Wall
  • Construction dog kennels 2
    Large Truss Nail Plates
  • Construction dog kennels
    16″ O.C. Studs

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Why Outdoor Dog Kennel Construction Is Important

If you’ve looked at cheap outdoor dog kennels for sale in the marketplace, you’ve probably noticed that the seller doesn’t go into much detail about the quality of construction. The truth is cheap outdoor dog kennels are rarely a bargain and often create more problems than they solve.

In contrast, the outside dog kennels for sale at Lone Star Structures are handcrafted, using the same techniques a carpenter would use to build a house. We start with a strong foundation using 4×4 treated skids and 2×4 treated floor joists 16″ on center. Then we fasten the 5/8″ tongue and groove Advantech flooring. Advantech is an engineered product perfect for use in outdoor dog cages because it will not absorb moisture or delaminate. The tongue and groove feature enhances floor strength by interlocking and provides an effective seal against moisture and insects – both major concerns when building outdoor dog cages.

We also pay special attention to the roof structure of our outside dog kennels, using standard framing techniques with rafters spaced 16″ on center. The roof pitch is 10/12 and sheeted with 7/16″ OSB and covered with 30 year shingles. Gable vents that allow excess heat to escape during the long hot days of summer are a standard feature on all of our outdoor dog kennels.

So as you look around at outside dog kennels for sale in your area, take the time to consider the construction of the models you’re considering. We think you and your dog will be happier with a quality dog kennel that’s built to last for years to come!

Let Us Custom Finish Your Dog Kennel!

Your dog is unique and has unique needs.  We offer the ability to fully customize your dog kennel to meet you and your dogs’ specific requirements. Customization includes the ability to fully finish the interior of the dog kennel however you would like it.  We can fully insulate and finish the walls and floors of your new dog kennel.  We can also add custom windows, lighting, cooling, and heating so that your dog will be able to enjoy all the comforts of home! Customizing your dog kennel means not only maximum life and durability for your structure, it also means maximum health and enjoyment for your beloved pet!

Custom dog kennel with fully finished interior in texas
Need a custom size or layout for your dog kennel

We can customize dog kennels to your exact specifications. Just contact us for details!

Commercial Dog Kennels

We also do high quality custom dog kennels for customers who need space for more than two dogs.  We can build to whatever specifications you need.

Large outdoor dog kennel for sale in texas