Get the Building You Need Now

Rent to own storage sheds for sale 12x16 dutch barn storage shed with metal roof

Short on cash but need storage space now? Get the storage building you need for your home or business with our convenient Rent-to-own program. Please note that On-sites and any unit with interior finish are not eligible for the program.


Standard Features

  • No Credit Check
  • Low Deposit
  • Affordable Monthly Payments
  • No Early Payoff Penalties
  • No Credit Card Payment Fee

Better than Mini-Storage Units

Unlike mini-storage where you keep paying for your storage space as long as you need it, you’ll OWN your new storage building from Lone Star Structures in 36 months or less. Plus, if you move or no longer need the building, we’ll pick it up, no questions asked!

Ready to Learn More About Rent to Own?

Contact us for details or visit our Lott, TX retail location to choose the best storage building for your needs!

Note: Rent-To-Own Option Only Available Within 150 Miles of Lott, Texas

How Rent-to-Own Works:


  • 1. Choose the storage building that’s right for you.

    Nearly all of our storage buildings are eligible for our Rent-to-own program. The rent to own program is intended for storage purposes only.


  • 2. Pay an initial deposit

    To get started, we ask for the first month’s rent, a security deposit and any applicable fees. The rent-to-own program is available within 150 miles of Lott, TX.


  • 3. Make your monthly payments as scheduled.

    Your first payment is due within 30 days of delivery.


  • 4. Pay off your building early

    We encourage customers to pay off their building early if it’s financially possible. In fact, there are no early payoff penalties. You could save up to 40% off the remaining contract balance by paying it off early. Just contact us to get your payoff amount!


Have Questions?

We’re always happy to help! Just contact us for more information!