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At Lone Star Structures, we know it is an exciting process to purchase one of our buildings for your use. We also know with the process comes a lot of questions. Below are the answers to the most common questions we receive about purchasing our buildings. If you have any questions that are not answered by this document, give us a call at one of our offices. It would be our pleasure to help you!

Lott Office: 254-583-4411

Temple Office: 254-773-5400 

What sets you apart from other shed companies?

We are a small family-owned business, and we place high value on customer relations. Our goal is to make your buying process a pleasant experience from start to finish. Quality over quantity has been our long-time model, and we strive to produce a product that exceeds your expectations.

How far do you deliver?

We service the entire state of Texas. Delivery is free to your accessible site within 100 miles of our facility. A mileage fee (per loaded mile) is assessed for locations outside of 100 miles. Mileage fees are based on building width. Out-of-state deliveries may be a possibility depending on building size and destination. Contact us for more information.

How much room is needed for access?

Clearance depends on the style of building and how level your ground is. If all access points are level, clear and there is plenty of room to get the building straight, 2-3’ in addition to building width and 14-15’ overall height is a good start. Check with us if you are uncertain. Yes, we build on-site for locations with limited access.

What is required for the foundation?

Most general storage buildings can be set on your site without additional prep. For larger buildings, particularly Cabins, Garages, and units with heavy storage, we recommend a hard-packed gravel base or concrete slab. If you are pouring piers or a footer, check with us to make sure our delivery equipment can maneuver around your foundation.

Will you level the building?

Yes! Our included setup package includes us leveling the building on a reasonably flat site. We use concrete blocks spaced 6-8’ apart. This gives the building good foundational support, which is essential to maintaining structural strength. No wood-to-ground contact also provides a level of protection against termites and moisture. If your site is more than 6” off level, a per-block charge will be charged. Some circumstances, such as higher-than-normal blocking and significantly out-of-level sites, may incur a labor fee.

Do I need to apply for a permit?

If you are within city limits, check to ensure you have the necessary permits and understand any setbacks, easements, or restrictions. Many HOA’s have their own ordinances and may approve permits in addition to city permits. If you are in an HOA, make sure you are in compliance with their codes and ordinances as well as with your city.

Can you lift it over my fence?

Our delivery equipment has plenty of pulling power but is not built to lift heavy objects over obstacles. If you have a standard privacy fence and that is the only obstruction, ask for a quote for us to remove/reinstall your fence at delivery time.

There’s another shed in the way. Can you move it or discard it?

It depends on the situation and condition of the building. Send us a picture, and we will evaluate it, and if we can move it, will give you a quote.

Will underground sewer lines or sprinklers be a problem?

So that we can maneuver around sensitive areas, we highly recommend marking the locations of sprinklers, septic systems, etc. Making sure that the access and site areas are dry helps prevent yard damage. For the longevity of your shed and to prevent rotting, sprinklers that are in the vicinity should be turned off or positioned in a way that they do not spray against the building.

How does rent-to-own work?

See our Rent to Own page for more information on our Rent to Own program.

Will the floor hold my lawn mower or UTV?

Yes! Our floors are built to hold heavy items and are well capable of supporting the weight of your lawn mower, UTV, and small garden tractor. If you are unsure, go with our heavy-duty Garage floor or order a double layer of floor sheathing.

Is the floor treated?

Floor joists and skids are pressure treated. The tongue and groove AdvanTech® floor sheathing is moisture-resistant and has a lifetime warranty. Our setup package includes concrete blocks to ensure that there is no wood-to-ground contact.

What if it rains? How do I know if it’s too wet to deliver?

Generally, if you are comfortable driving your vehicle through the yard, it is most likely dry enough for delivery. If we have a local weather event, we will reach out before we attempt delivery. If you are outside of our local area, keep in mind that is possible that you received more rain than what we have. Give us a call, and we can help you make that judgment. If you have yard sprinklers, please turn those off 5-10 days prior to delivery.

How do you bring the shed into my site? Will your equipment damage my yard?

We use a small but powerful machine (called a Mule) to bring your shed into the yard. Our equipment is designed to leave little to no trace in your yard. Keep in mind that if you have fresh sod, soft ground, or a hard-to-access area, there is a higher likelihood of yard damage.

Do your buildings have a warranty?

Yes, our buildings have a 5-year workmanship warranty along with manufacturer warranties. These include a 50-year warranty on our siding (LP SmartSide®) Lifetime on our floor sheathing (AdvanTech®), and 30 years on our architectural shingled roof. 

What is needed to place an order?

Unless you are applying for our rent-to-own program, we ask for 50% to secure the order.

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