Portable Cabins

Craft Your Own Backyard Vacation Retreat

12x20 portable cabins for sale in austin texas

Looking for an easy way to add an extra room without the hassle of remodeling? How about building a rustic hunting cabin at a favorite vacation destination? Our experienced portable cabin builders craft buildings that are the perfect choice!

Modeled after our Classic-style portable sheds, our cabin-style portable buildings come standard with a 4′ porch. Perfect for a deer lease cabin, guest quarters, hobby area, budget-friendly house and much more!

Standard Features

  • Vinyl windows (up to 3′ x 4′)
  • Accented trim
  • Gable vents
  • 30-year dimensional shingled or metal roof
  • Steel door
  • 7′ 6″ sidewalls
  • 5/8″ Advantech® floor sheathing
  • LP SmartSide®
  • 4′ porch
  • 5 year warranty

These portable cabins come with free delivery within 100 miles of central Texas.

Portable Cabin Styles

Portable cabins from storage building for sale

Cabin w/ Front Porch

The prefab cabin with the front porch gives you the classic retreat or hunting cabin look. This design is highly practical, because the interior space above the porch makes a natural loft space where the kids can have a small bedroom, or you can create a lovely reading nook.

Cabin shed side porch

Cabin w/ Side Porch

If you want plenty of space outside to enjoy those long summer evenings, then the cabin with the side porch is for you! This cabin style evokes the traditional farmhouse or homestead look.  Whether used as a backyard guesthouse or a stylish tiny home, you will love the way this one looks on your property!

Cabin shed corner porch

Cabin w/ Corner Porch

This portable cabin style is great if you really like the look of a porch, but really need to maximize interior space.  While the porch is not large enough to relax on, it does provide you with an ample entry way that is protected from the elements.

Studio Cabin

Studio cabin shed for sale in texas by lone star structures

Your Cabin, Finished Your Way

We work with a lot of customers with a lot of different needs. Don’t get stuck with a cabin that you don’t like or is over budget.  At Lonestar, we will  listen to you and work hard to make your cabin according to your exact needs.  Is there a part of the project you want to do yourself or do you want to avoid all the hassle and have us do everything?  No worries! We will work with you! Whether you want a basic shell, or completely finished as a turnkey cabin, we have got you covered.  Since we want you to make the most of your new cabin, here are some of the services and products we offer so that you can enjoy all the comforts of home.

  • Electrical package
  • Insulation
  • Extra windows
  • Upgraded door styles
  • customized porch size or design layout
  • And much more!

Here are the three basic ways that we offer portable cabins to our customers.

Unfinished interior of a prefab cabin in central texas

Unfinished Cabin Shell

If you are on a budget, just love DIY, or need a cabin as quickly as possible, then getting a prefab cabin shell is the way for you! The unfinished  cabin shell is built according to residential construction standards and  will last for many years.  When you get a cabin shell from Lonestar Structures, you can be assured that you are making a wise investment!

Paritally finished portable cabin for sale in texas

Partially Finished Cabin

This option is ideal for folks who want to do some of the work but are intimidated by certain elements of the job.  You aren’t comfortable with electric or plumbing? No problem, we will get it done for you.  Don’t enjoy insulation work? No worries, we can get that done too.  Let us get the stuff done that you don’t want a do and you can do what you love!

Fully finished portable cabin for sale in Texas

Fully Finished Cabin

Want a fully functional home from day one?  We are happy to do it all.  Tell us how you want it, and we will take care of the rest. If you don’t have the time, there is no reason to stress over the finishing touches. We have served many happy customers with fully finished, fully livable portable cabins.

Available Sizes

  • 12 x 16
  • 12 x 20
  • 12 x 24
  • 12 x 28
  • 12 x 32
  • 12 x 36
  • 12 x 40
  • 14 x 20
  • 14 x 24
  • 14 x 28
  • 14 x 32
  • 14 x 36
  • 14 x 40
  • 14 x 44
  • 14 x 48
  • 16 x 20
  • 16 x 24
  • 16 x 28
  • 16 x 32
  • 16 x 36
  • 16 x 40
  • 16 x 44
  • 16 x 48
  • 16 x 52

Siding & Trim Colors

  • Almond
  • Barn red shed paint color texas
    Barn Red
  • Barn White
  • Buckskin 74 t601 wr low luster
  • Charcoal Brown
  • Chestnut brown urethane
    Chestnut Brown – Urethane (not available for onsite build)
  • Clay
  • Dark Gray
  • Driftwood urethane
    Driftwood – Urethane (not available for onsite build)
  • Hunter Green
  • Kaufman gray 74 f606 wr low luster
    Light Gray
  • Martin Creme
  • Nature walk urethane
    NatureWalk – Urethane (not available for onsite build)
  • Navajo White
  • Navy
    Navy Blue
  • Quaker Tan
  • Ronks Gray
  • Sage Green

Shingle Colors

  • Black shingle color
  • Galvalume metal color
    Galvalume Metal
  • Gray blend shingle color
    Grey Blend
  • Rustic cedar shingle color
    Rustic Cedar
  • Weathered wood shingle color
    Weathered Wood


  • Workbench
  • Flower Box
  • 16″ Shelving
  • 4′ Loft
  • 9’x7′ Overhead Door
  • 24″x27″ Window
  • 36″x40″ Window
  • 24″x36″ Window
  • Cupola with Weather Vane
  • Entrance Door, 9 Lite Steel

The Cabin is designed after the Classic style.

Along side the Classic features, the Cabin comes standard with a 4′ porch. Popular uses for this model include deer lease cabin, home office, guest quarters, budget friendly house etc.

Standard features include:

  • Vinyl windows (up to 3′ x 4′) with accented trim
  • Gable vents
  • 30-year dimensional shingled or metal roof
  • Steel door
  • 7′ sidewalls
  • 5/8″ Advantech® floor sheathing
  • LP SmartSide®
  • 4′ porch
  • Construction portable cabins 3
    16″ O.C. Studs
  • Construction portable cabins 2
    Large Truss Nail Plates
  • Construction portable cabins 1
    16″ O.C. Roof Structure, Double Plated Walls

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