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4 Reasons You Should Buy a Portable Storage Building

Are you considering the purchase of a portable storage building like a shed, or a cabin shed?

Perhaps what you have heard about portable buildings has piqued your interest, and you may just need a bit more convincing, or you may not be quite convinced yet.

Either way, lead the way and allow the following 4 reasons you should buy a portable storage building to “shed” any lingering doubts!

Before you dive into the reasons why a portable storage building is worthy of your interest, money, and time, let’s quickly go over exactly what a portable storage building is.


A portable storage building is a structure such as a shed, a garage, or a cabin that built in a controlled environment such as a shop and is transported by truck to the location of your choice. “Portable” does not mean that you can move your building somewhere instantly, but with a few pieces of a equipment they can be loaded on a special trailer under 30 minutes!


A portable building is not a building fixed in place with a traditional foundation. While your home most likely has a traditional foundation, your new shed will likely have either a gravel pad, concrete slab, or solid concrete blocks as its functional foundation.

Check out 11 Popular Shed Foundations by Plasticine House for the pros and cons of each and to see which one you favor for your new portable storage building.

Also, portable storage buildings are not limitless in size. Yes, there is a caveat…there is a limit to how big you can go.

Now onward to the 4 reasons why you should seriously consider a portable storage building!


1. You can’t commit to one building site.

Are you looking ahead to possibly moving from your current home or are you currently renting? If you are an uncommitted homeowner or renter, then a portable storage building is in your favor because they are movable. 

You have 2 options available to you in this situation.

  1. Move the shed to your new home
  2. Resell your shed

Option #1. Move the shed to your new home.

A few years down the road (or many) when you have nailed down your dream home, you can take your shed along with you.

So, how would your portable storage building be moved? (Unfortunately, not as easy as throwing your shed into a cart and pushing it with ease to your new home.)

Here’s the reality check: there is planning involved in moving them.

The ideal ways to move your shed to a new location is by either renting a skid loader or a shed mule (this is the best option).  

A skid loader works fine especially if your shed is on the smaller side. However, if your shed is bigger, a shed mule guarantees that the job will get done right. The skid loader or the shed mule will then lift and transport your shed to a truck or trailer where it will then be secured for its trip to your new home. 

Or instead of doing it yourself, you can always hire someone to move the shed for you. Often local shed companies also offer shed moving services. 

Here is a video demonstrating how we move our buildings at Lonestar Structures.

Option #2. You can resell a portable storage building

Some locally owned shed companies do buy used sheds. So, if your shed is in good condition and you are moving to a new location and do not want to take it along, investigate reselling it. If a shed company is interested your portable storage building will be loaded onto a shed hauling trailer and moved at their expense.

2. You need to save money

If you are on a tight budget or if you are a bit tight-fisted, portable storage buildings offer you options that can save you money.
For example, you can skip the concrete pad for its foundation and go with cheaper options like concrete blocks or put it directly on the ground (although not recommended). If you want the best foundation for the least money, go with a gravel pad foundation.

Also, the fact that your portable building is built in-shop saves you money compared to getting an onsite contractor. Since portable buildings are built in a controlled environment there is less waste, more efficient build time, and shops can buy their materials in bulk. (Contractors tend to buy smaller amounts of materials at a time and are more expensive overall.)

3. When you want to buy Rent-To-Own

Are you interested in Rent-to-Own? Just for clarification, Rent-to-Own is a financing program where you pay for your shed over the course of monthly payments instead of all upfront and by the end of the allotted monthly payments, the shed is your very own. 

If you are, the fact is, you simply cannot buy RTO with a regular building. However, a good majority of portable storage building companies offer Rent-to-Own as one of their financing options.  

An RTO shed is especially favorable if you are currently paying for self-storage. Rent-to-Own is way better than self-storage for three reasons.

  1. Your prized possessions are in your backyard, not at a distant facility.
  2. Generally, costs less than self-storage
  3. In the end, you OWN your storage space, aka. your shed (that never happens with self-storage.

4. When You Need A Storage Building Fast

One of the outstanding benefits of portable storage buildings is the fact that they are prefab built which means you get your shed quicker. Prefab buildings have a quicker build turnaround thanks to being crafted in highly efficient shops.

 Plus, portable storage building companies often have a variety of pre-built sheds in stock. So, if you need one quickly you can choose a shed and bring it home all in a couple of hours. 

Bam! Your storage dilemma solved. 

If you have found these four reasons compelling, the next thing to do is to determine what type of portable storage building works best for you.  Here are a few styles that we hand build in our shop that should get you started in figuring it out. 

The Classic Shed

Are you looking for basic storage space? If so, the Classic Shed offers that classic shed appeal with its A-framed roof and darling overhangs. Whether it is your lawn care items, bins of seasonal decorations, or prized ATV, the Classic Shed can handle your storage like a boss.

View the Classic Shed

The Dutch Barn

How does plenty of headspace sound to you? If you wish to utilize the ceiling space in your shed, then the Dutch Barn will gladly accommodate you. Inside this style of shed you can include a loft and enjoy more floor space. Whether you plan to use this shed for storage, workshop, or she shed, get ready to have plenty of room to stretch out and conqueror!

View the Dutch Barn

The Workshop

True to its name, the Workshop shed offers you a great space to work on your projects or hobbies. As the inspiration behind the Classic Shed, the Workshop continues to be a customer favorite. Get ready to get lost in your wood dust, wet paint, or hot glue, thanks to the Workshop offering you that set apart space for uninhibited creativity!

View the Workshop

The Studio Shed

If you are dreaming of a home office, she shed, or mancave, meet the Studio Shed. This shed style cannot get any more perfect for a stylish space to work, relax, or have fun! Modern. Charming. Standout. No matter what you do inside the Studio Shed, you are going to look great doing it!

View the Studio Shed

The Mini barn

Small, but mighty, the Mini barn offers you the ideal space to store hand tools, garden tools, and even a push mower. If you are looking for just enough space to keep your prized garden and hand tools in tip-top condition, the Mini barn is a perfect fit.

View the Minibarn

The Cabin

Yes. A cabin shed. Do you wish for a more “fancy” home office with space for a bathroom, and even a small kitchenette? The Cabin offers you these very special customization options! Or perhaps you would enjoy a small getaway cabin for your vacation or over the weekends? The Cabin shed model offers you the opportunity to have a fully finished living space before it ever arrives at your desired location. Check it out!

View the Cabin


Did you see your ideal portable storage building above? If you have not seen the right match for what you are envisioning, take a moment to check out all our portable storage buildings

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